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Ajarian Khachapuri (Cooking process)


Ajarian cuisine is distinguished by its diversity and cooking technology, table-laying and relevant rituals. It has always been complemented with fruit, viticulture and bee keeping products as well as local fish. There are almost 150 types of dishes registered in the region. Ajarian cuisine has numerous Asian influences. Dairy products are prevalent in the Ajaran highlands. The most popular local dishes are: borano (cheese melted in butter), chirbuli (breakfast with eggs and walnut) and sinori (a dish with cottage curds and dough plates). Ajarian cuisine is unimaginable without Ajarian khachapuri distinguished first of all by its shape. It resembles a boat while an egg yolk inside represents the sun. Varieties of local sweet pastry are also famous, especially baklava and shakarlama (sugar pastry).


Viticulture has been well developed in Ajara since ancient times. Over 80 varieties of local grapes have been registered. At present about 50 indigenous and introduced species are produced. Ajara produces famous wines such as “Kedis Tsolikauri” and “Chkhaveri.” The total area of vineyards in Ajara is 180 hectares including 70% of Tsolikauri, 8% of Chkhaveri, and 22% of other varieties.

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