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Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather

The climate in Ajara is subtropical, meaning mild winters and hot summers. The Black Sea coastline is humid compared with highland municipalities. Mountainous places are distinguished by considerable snowfall sometimes reaching several meters. The temperature in summer reaches 22-24 oC on the plains and 17-21 oC in the higher elevations. Winter low temperatures in Batumi are 4-6 oC whereas in highland municipalities they only reach 3-2 oC.

Batumi is distinguished by a seacoast humid subtropical climate. Winters are cold, without snow and summers are warm to hot. The average annual temperature is 15 oC, 7 oC in January and 23 oC in August. Annual precipitation is 2.560 mm. Relative humidity is 81%. There are frequent showers. It rarely snows but melts very soon. The average annual water temperature is 17 oC at the shore. Cool breezes blowing from the sea moderate the temperature in the summer. A small natural lake is located in Batumi in the 6 May Park. Various types of subtropical plants are spread throughout in Batumi and its vicinities. There are many cultivated parks, tea plantations and citrus plantations. Indigenous Colchis natural trees and shrubs have still been preserved in select areas around the region.