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About Ajara

Keda Municipality, Dandalo village, Dandalo Arch Bridge

AjaraExternal link is one of the most beautiful parts of GeorgiaExternal link with extraordinary nature, the historic Black Sea and mild warm sun as well as warm and friendly people, rich folklore traditions and cultural heritage. The diverse nature of Ajara includes picturesque mountainous landscapes, seascapes, parks and reserves. A distinctive and delicious cuisine and original traditions equally attract Georgian and foreign visitors alike.

Ajara is the site of a distinguished Botanical Garden, where a diverse range of plant species from various climatic and landscape zones around the world grow together.

The richness of natural resources is also evident by the great number of protected areas. Mtirala National Park, Kobuleti Protected Areas, Kintrishi Reserve and Machakhela National Park are the best places for Eco-tourism lovers.

Visitors can taste the wines, prepared from the unique varieties of grapes in Ajara, get acquainted with Ajarian cuisine and folk lore, visit the "Chkhaveri" vineyard, purchase items of local trade and participate in vintage.

The unique Roman fortress in Gonio dating from the first century connects the region to the Antique and Byzantine ages. A few kilometers away is located the historical Petra fortress that connected Western Georgia to the Byzantine provinces, Iran and Armenia.

Batumi, one of the most beautiful cities in Georgia, is located in Ajara. The city is represents modern Georgia in the best way with its old and new architecture and seaside boulevard.

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