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Press tour for Armenian journalists

Press tour for Armenian journalists

Between April 30 and May 3, Ajara will be hosting the representatives of Armenian media companies during press tout aimed at promoting the region’s tourism potential. This media tour will be attended by the representatives of such TV companies as Kenton TV, 21 TV touristic magazine Tourinfo, Radio VAN, leading online news portals of Armenia news.am, Tert.am, Asekose.am.

During this press tour, the journalists of a neighboring country will visit places of interest in Batumi and will then feature promotional articles and video material of tourist products of Batumi and Ajara in their media sources.

Between April 1 and early June this year, the department of tourism is carrying out an active promotional campaign in Armenia which includes the distribution of Batumi and Ajara pictures on central streets, major billboards, branded buses and bus stations.

Armenia in recent years has become one of the leading countries as per the number of incoming tourist to Ajara. In 2014 compared to 2013 an increase of 36,7% was recorded in the number of incoming Armenian tourists to Ajara.