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Media tour for Lithuanian journalists

Media tour for Lithuanian journalists

From 26 to 29 of April, the department of tourism and resorts of Ajara is hosting a delegation of Lithuanian media representatives. Journalists from leading media resources will get acquainted with the tourism potential of the region and various promotional articles and video materials will be featured in Lithuanian printed, online and television sources. The following media sources were invited to participate in the mentioned informative tour: the leading online portal 15min.lt, news portal Delfi.lt, business news portal Versio Zinios - Vz.lt, popular magazine Savaite and Lithuanian National TV.

The department of tourism and resorts of Ajara started activities at Lithuanian tourism market soon after the regular flights between Vilnius and Georgia were launched. It’s been two years that Ajara region’s promotional activities have been successfully carried out in Lithuania. In 2015, promotional campaign has even been expanded. From April 6 till June 14, different picture-sizes of Batumi and Ajara will be placed in central parts of three Lithuanian cities (Vilnius, Klaipeda and Kaunas).

From 2 to 6 of May, the department of tourism of Ajara will be hosting another informative tour for representatives of Lithuanian travel agencies and tour operators.

One more media tour is planned to be organized in the nearest future for managers of Lithuanian major tour operator company Novaturas which will provide implementation of new interesting projects for Lithuania.