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Media tour for journalists from Israel

Media tour for journalists from Israel

The department of tourism and resorts of Ajara provides an organization of a regular media tour for Jewish journalists. Between May 6 and 9, the representatives of Israeli mass media will get acquainted with tourism potential of Ajara. Promotional articles of Batumi and Ajara will be featured in daily popular newspapers, magazines and news portals of Israel. Media resources, participating in the tour, can reach up to 3 mln. people in overall, which will help to promote our region in the State of Israel.

On May 6, in Divan Hotel, the representatives of the department of tourism will hold a special presentation to the guests which will be followed by a visit to protected territories and uplands of Ajara. Jewish tourists have a particular interest in eco-tourism and a project developed by department of tourism will be focused on promoting this type of tourism in the region.

In should be noted that Israel is one of the target tourism markets for department of tourism and resorts of Ajara where different promotional activities have been carried out. Beginning from 2012, direct charter flights are performed twice a week from Tel Aviv to Batumi international airport. At first, seasonal charter flights were performed by Israeli travel agency Eshet Tour under support of department of tourism and resorts of Ajara. This year, Israeli travel agency in cooperation with local travel agencies continues to operate at Georgian and particularly Ajarian tourism market. One of this season’s newcomer is another Israeli airline company AKRIA which plans to perform charter flights to Batumi once a week. (http://www.arkia.com/).

Israel in recent years has demonstrated an increase in the number of incoming tourist. According to statistics, in 2014 compared to 2013 an increase of 8,2% was recorded in the number of incoming Israeli tourists to Ajara.

As a result of additionally planned flights for 2015, the number of incoming tourists from Israel is expected to increase even more.

The department of tourism and resorts of Ajara has scheduled another media tour for Israeli tour operators in the nearest future.